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24 July 2015

How to Engage More People in Liking your Facebook Posts


Facebook fan page is an amazing way to compile a list of people and share interesting things with them easily in one click. As facebook as majority of users under it, its quiet a powerful way to spread your message to the world as people are connected to it from all over the world. Well now people are actually a lot with a fan page they are making tons of money out of it and even publicizing their website is naturally easy using facebook fan page.

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But obviously that all comes after you have reached a level at which you are able to interact with everyone and get them engaged in your stuff. Today I will be showing you 10 pointers to increase your facebook post reach and make people like it, share it and get themselves into that stuff.

Top 10 Tips to Increase your Facebook Post Reach

So lets get started with the post where I will cover top 10 tips for increasing your facebook post reach and engaging more and more people in liking and sharing your stuff over the platform.

  1. Using Rich & Relevant Images and Videos

    Rich media content in your posts can make it look more appealing and clicking by the fellow readers. So try adding some relevant images and videos related to your content, that will actually give it a boost of interactivity. And yes obviously try to keep the post length short, its easier for your users to read and act.
  2. Creating a 2 Way Conversation

    It's a good idea if you ask your audience to comment and share their views on that conversation supporting their ideas you can build more stronger community. Try to add a poll and ask answers via comments, but its very much necessary that you answer them back in case you are asking them any question.
  3. Share Offers and Discounted Promotions

    Facebook launched a very handy feature called "offer" that can help you in adding some nice discounted deal for your users. So that they can easily grab that offer by just clicking the button.
  4. Sharing Exclusive Giveaway Messages

    Now you can make an exclusive post related to giving away some piece of gadget or so and asking them to get maximum shares of that post in order to get that deal fixed. So you get the idea on creating an exclusive post.
  5. Be Punctual & Time Driven

    Its an key to a better community, as few people might be in a big trouble, so its very much a good idea to respond to their queries as soon as possible, so try to be time driven, try to act as soon as possible.
  6. Schedule your Conversation Menu

    The most convenient method to remain in routine contact with fans is by producing a calendar of discussion with concepts about exactly what to discuss every week or month. A calendar of things will certainly not just assist to publish frequently, however it will certainly guarantee that your content is well-planned, intriguing, and do not miss out on the industry occasions and news.
  7. Scheduling your Posts

    To better handle your time, you can schedule your posts beforehand and strategy approaching occasions and unique vacations. To schedule your messages, just click the clock icon in the lower left corner of the tool. Arrange your messages when most of their fans are online. You can discover if your fans are online at your Outlook page and go to the Messages tab. When you have actually set a message, you can handle your messages set to go to the top of the page and selecting Edit page and choosing Use activity log.
  8. Target your Relevant Page Posts

    If your messages are targeted at certain groups of individuals, you can go to their location in the tool exchange of your page by clicking the target icon in the lower left corner and picking Include Targeting. You can target your message based upon gender, marital condition, education level, interests, age, place and language.
  9. Using Hyperlinks to Target Visitors to your Site

    Link messages now have a higher click ratio which assists individuals to your site. Just enter the URL of your post and all the images, title and description will be loaded automatically.
  10. Checking your Facebook Fan Page Stats

    Analyzing your Facebook Fan Page stats could help you in figuring out what your users like and how well they interact on different posts, you can do that by going to analytics of your page and looking as the view and click ratio.

So by so far these methods are known to me in increasing your facebook post reach by good percentage, try implementing these on your page and make a large conversating community. Have fun, see you in next tutorial.