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How to Post Animated GIF Images on your Facebook Wall

Well this post was requested by Rajiv as he just mailed me asking about how we can update our or our friends wall with a cool animated GIF Image, well I just found out that Facebook still does not allow you to upload your GIF Images directly using the photo uploading option they normally provide, but well there are some application on Facebook that enable you too post these kinds of images on your or your friends wall.

With Animated-Picture for Facebook you can post animated GIF Images either using images in their own database or uploading and using your personal images through the URL option they provide. So now just check out the steps below on how you can also enjoy this awesome GIF images posting on Facebook.

Posting GIF Images through Animated-Picture Application :

1. Make sure you are signed in on Facebook and than visit the Animated-Picture Facebook Application page.


2. Now just click on the Go to App button and you will be in their interface, now you can either select images from their own database or you can put the URL of the animated GIF Image hosted somewhere else.


3. So now if you do not have any image hosted outside you can go for their images in their database divided into different categories, so you can check out images from cute animals, if you are romantic you can go for the Love and so on.


4. So now when you are done choosing your image which you are gonna share just click on it and you will a popup like above asking you too enter the title you wanna display as your status while the image animated below.

5. Now just click on share and that’s it your animated image is now live right on your wall. Well there are some images which might not work, or your friends have to click on them for the redirection well I am still finding any other good app which works more perfectly till than have fun kudos.