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30 May 2015

How to Share Animated GIFS with Friends on Facebook

GIF Animated Images are quiet popular on how you can easily animate a scene and post it online sharing it with your friends and its pretty easy to view these animated gifs on any browser as it plays automatically without waiting for those clumsy videos to load and then buffer all around. Earlier animated gifs were not allowed to be posted but there was a workaround that worked but not that accurate.

Well now facebook officially rolled out an update that supports these animated gifs to be shared publically on facebook with your friends. So today we are going to see how you upload animated gif images on facebook and share them easily.

How to Post Animated Images on Facebook Easily

First of all you cannot directly upload any GIF on facebook as its not going to show it, the only way right now is to use any other image hosting site to host your GIF image and then you can share that animated GIF link on facebook, which will display your GIF automatically on facebook.

  1. Browse the GIF image that you want to share on facebook.
  2. You can create your own GIF images using YouTube videos or Camtasia Studio or any other software that you like. If you want to increase speed of GIF you can do so. (the point is that you need to have a GIF image with you).
  3. Now either upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or any image hosting site that provides you the image with direct link to open in browser.
  4. I would prefer Imgur.com over any other as it allows you to host your images without sign up and even unlimited hosting.
  5. So head over to their site, drag your GIF image or press the upload button and upload your animated GIF image on their site.
    imgur gif image upload
  6. Now after the image is uploaded on IMGUR you will see links to that image on the right hand side, choose the second yellow highlighted link like in the image above.
  7. Copy that link but make sure to remove the last v from the link, so this link http://i.imgur.com/HB4iiCX.gifv will become http://i.imgur.com/HB4iiCX.gif
  8. So you have to make sure that the above step is done, else it will show the link as video.
  9. Now your link is ready, simply head over to Facebook and sign in.
  10. Now paste the link in your status and below you will see live demo of that GIF image working.
    facebook gif image posting
  11. You can see the preview by clicking on the image and that will play the GIF image.
  12. Now you can remove the link and write down anything as your status.

That's it now this way to can publish unlimited GIF images on facebook and easily share some memories with your friends and family members. So have fun using this trick to share animated gifs on facebook.