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14 January 2013

How to Block Access to Certain Websites using Easy Tricks

Blocking access to some websites can be due to many reasons, from malware spreading sites to some sites exclusive popping up those porn sites. Well it's really important for you to know exactly how blocking works and how you can block online websites for security reasons. So I have gathered few easy trick which can help you in blocking your websites.

#1. Block Website's using Internet Explorer

internet-privacy-optionsInternet option in your control panel provides you with options to extend your security and block access to certain websites. You can either slide the slider for automatic websites blocking according to their repo level or you can specify your websites manually.

  1. Open Control Panel > internet Options.
  2. Now switch to the Privacy Tab and you can slide the slider and read what exactly it does on that particular level, or you can click on the sites tab and mention sites manually.
  3. So now it even has many more options to tweak down you can check and use them too. So this is not a perfect option you can combine this with below step for more security.

#2. Block Website's using HOSTS File

First of all this is a difficult way but the best part is that it works on all browsers and all websites you mention in this file will not be accessible until you remove them.

  1. Open Notepad as an Administrator.
  2. Now navigate to C: > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc > HOSTS (make sure to choose show all files than you will see HOSTS File)
  3. Now just add any website at the bottom of this file with below prefix. example.com www.example.com

  4. Now make sure you add in front of your website else it will not work.
  5. Now you can add as many websites you want, or blocking some specific hardcore websites would be the perfect option.


#3. Blocking Porn Websites using DNS

Recently I have posted a simple tutorial on how you can block Porn and all those adult websites automatically by just changing out your DNS, so its pretty helpful for all those parents seeking out a for a solution and that too simple. [Check Here]