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21 May 2012

10 Steps to Improve your Wireless Network Easily

Todays generation lives life wirelessly, everything has gone wire-less so you usually browse internet in your home sitting in your one room and your modem in another room. Well this gives you a little enjoyment but also decreases some speeds as there are some bonds like walls and doors which can make your speeds slow. So we have some small points or steps which you can follow to make your wireless network much more faster and stable.

trendnet wireless router

  1. Positioning your Wireless Router is a must easy and important step for faster internet browsing, make sure your router is poisoned in the middle of your work area, so whenever you are anywhere working you will get a stable speeds.
  2. Make sure your router is not placed with any walls or metal objects like cabinets or anything as that can reduce your maximum router output.
  3. Replacing your routers antenna with any powerful one can surely give you a boost, well that’s not always recommended but still if you have some technical knowledge you should surely play with it, also check out boost your Wi-Fi signal using a beer can.
  4. Sometimes there can be problem with your PC network adapter, replace it to see some boost in your speeds.
  5. Adding Wireless Repeater can increase the range of your router, as it will create some more access points, so one is out of range another one is ready to be used.
  6. Changing Wireless Channel can also be the next alternate if above points are not coming in work.
  7. Try reducing wireless interference for more efficient and stable connection, make sure the wireless path is clean and hard object free.
  8. Update your Routers Firmware for more security and productive options, many new updates are released by the routers manufactures check it out from the routers setting menu and update it right now.
  9. Try using only one brand for all routers accessories and assets, if you are using a repeater check out if the same routers company has that for you or not.
  10. If none of the options above work than you need to change the crappy router, many brands bring brilliant routers every month so check it out and start a purchasing adventure.

So these were few easy tips and tweaks for improving your wireless network, well hopefully these will surely fix your router speeds. If you still have any other tweaks which you wanna share please comment below.