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17 January 2013

Top 9 Cool Websites for Ultimate Photo Manipulation Effects

Image morphing, manipulation and effecting its physical nature is get too common that people enjoy doing this stuff with their own and their friends photographs. We have many offline tools at out disposal like Photoshop, Gimp but still some online tools rule this thing with their more innovative idea of providing service, so by just uploading an image you can get some freaky manipulated results so that's just awesome.

So now based on that thing I am going to show 9 cool, I will say awesome websites for adding effects, manipulating your images and making friends look a like a punk and much more, so you will surely enjoy the whole list.

  1. Photofunia.com – is considered as the best and most widely used online photo editing service, they have plenty of effects to get you filled with awesome fun. They don't just have simple effect but the animated one's that simply makes every effect totally live. So now just visit their website and choose any awesome effect you like from their collection, now click on upload your image and browse a nice image from your desktop and than in few seconds you you will get your image with effects added, than just click on Save and choose HD version to get that image downloaded on your desktop.
  2. In20years.com – gives you the look from the future about 20 years of age added to your current age would surely make your skin little bit flubby, yes it makes you old shows you your old age with awesome effect, it even come with an option to choose if you are an drug addict so that it can add another piece of that effect to your images. SO visit their website and choose some options like male or female, you can choose what age you want see 20+ or 30+ than choose the last option if you are drug addict or not, than click on upload image and enjoy your manipulated image.
  3. get-grossed-outGetGrossedOut.com – allows you to add disgusting effects to your images, so like you can add freaked up effects, colorful sun glasses bit artistic lips and much more check this image on the right hand side. So you can see what kind of person you can create using this website. Well now the service is free to be used but still they have one limitation that every image you create and download will have that site logo on it embed on the left hand bottom side. But that's not a big deal as its not visible much, so give your images some cartoonish look easily.
  4. Fotobabble.com – fotobabble can easily combine your audio and get them merged in your images for awesome fun. You can capture some images and start adding audio to it for some fun, well they even provide you with option to make your facebook timeline live with their service well that's a separate part and you just need to focus on simply editing.
  5. Picture Mag Effects – easily get popular among your friends and family by posting some cool pic of you on some random high class magazine. You can select various magazines from various brands, now getting popular is much easier.
  6. Citrify.com – adds some effects like instagram with much more ease. They have the whole menu and functions that can surely give you some nice effects. Plenty of effects can be added without any problem. So you just need to visit their website and press the start editing option to open the flash editing windows. Now just be creative and make whatever you want.
  7. TiltShift Generator – simply add those camera blurry effects to your images, with your common options like adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and much more. You can open your images and start exploring the possibilities. It's a simple flash application so you might be able to use it on iPhone, iPad but on PC it works well. But obviously they have application for other devices which you can download more portable editing.
  8. Super Lame Balloons – Now add captions to your images with these totally lame bubble effects, change the way your balloon looks like, add any new quote and much more. So it has many shapes, stars, bubbles, clouds and you can even add shadow to your images. You can even add sound FX and than share that with your friends.
  9. Old Vintage Effect's – this Japanese websites allows you to add vintage style old effects to your images. The effect is so awesome that it can really turn your current modern image to 80's dam! awesome.

So these were the top 9 awesome online websites, for ultimate photo make over, well you can use these for fun and commercial no matter these services are free and have no charge. So just round up everything and start creating something awesome. Do comment about the one you liked the most, well from my point of view the second one age increasing tool is simply awesome what about yours :)