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23 March 2011

5 Free Online Tools for Testing your Websites Performance

These days building websites is quit easier due to many online and offline tools available at your disposal, well but the main thing comes after your website is up and running that called maintenance and I am sure that can simply screw up your website as if you are not up to date with the latest trends and algorithms you might loose everything on your website. But hopefully we have many tools online which can simply scan and test your websites performance levels and suggest you solutions for the problems it might discover.

So in this list we have 5 online tools or websites which can be used to test your websites performance and hence suggest your some good solutions.

1. WooRank :

logo-homeWooRank is ranked number 1 in our listings as it’s the best online tool for analyzing and testing out your website. So it does not include any tough tasks and you just need to enter yoru websites URL and boom you will every brief data in front of you, from indexed pages in all search engines too compression level every thing can be just viewed right at one place.

2. Wave :

WAVE - Web Accessibility Evaluation ToolWave is another good evaluation tool provided by WebAIM. Wave is also really easy to use just like the WooRank but in this you have additional option to browse website from your computer, with wave you will see your original webpage with some icons explaining you whats present on yoru website and if the icon is red that means that you should soon resolve that problem.

3. MyIPNeighbors :

MyipneighborsMyIPNeighbors is not like the above tools, its not used to analyze your websites performance but its used to check out websites running on same server, so if you are using a shared hosting and you want to check out that with which website you are sharing your hosting than this online tool can help you out. So if your hosting neighbor is slowing down your server you can simply track it down and complaint to your hosting provider. 

4. Pingdom :

CapturePingdom Tools can be used to test your sites upload time. It can show you all the request your website make during the time its loaded on the visitors browser, all the stuff that taked loads of time and that takes minute time can be checked using this online tool.

5. BrowserShots :

BrowserShots is a very useful cross-browser testing tool which will check your websites in different browser and give you a snapshot of how your websites look in different old and new modern browsers. So it’s a pretty useful tool for the web designers as they might need it anytime for testing websites compatibility which they are designing for their clients. So now if you also wanna check out how your websites look just head over to BrowseShots webpage and than enter your websites URL. Now it will start processing your request just bookmark the reloading page so that anytime you wanna check out screenshots just click on it and you can check out your screenshots. 

So here ends the list of 5 useful online tools for testing your websites ultimate performance on the web. So now anytime you think that your website is performing slow or has some problem you have a perfect solution at that time, so have fun and share this post with all your friends if you like it.