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09 May 2020

Top 20 Proven Ways to Make & Earn Money Online in 2020

Blogging or Vlogging (Video Logging), the sole purpose of creating awesome content everyday is to get something our of it as a lot of hard work goes into creating that content for you everyday. Now many people succeed in getting AdSense approval or their luck works with affiliate marketing but many fail in getting a proper ad network on their website hence not making anything for the work they have done. Now we should not loose HOPE because there is always a way to a better life.

20 best proven ways to make money online

But you know what's more important then making money, its saving your hard earned money, you need to aware and alert on how you spend most of your money. I can understand the pain of loosing something because I have lost many things and the reason I regret that is not having any backups available with me in bad times. Check these 15 Money Saving Tips from Warren Buffet (Worlds Richest Man). Now lets get back onto the topic, so yes we have 20 best ways to make money on the internet.

20 Definite Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Yes today we will talk about 20 best proven ways by which you can money on the Internet apart from Google AdSense and other CPM Networks. We have also posted 8 Unusual Ways for Making Money Offline and also by uploading images on some sites that offer you money for your image downloads. So practically there are many ways to money on and off the internet but few work for some & few for others depending on the working style.

But today we have another 20 ways for any freelancer to make money on the internet, so check all the ways below with video giving more in depth knowledge about that tip.

#1. Article Writing

Article Writing could be your first way to make money on the internet, now you can write articles for many bloggers out there who require guest posting, you can contact them and ask them regarding regular posting and fix your price per article or you can also Sign Up on sites like SEOClerks & Fiverr that allows you to list your services with proper description so that people can check and if they like your service they can order and you make money after completion.

#2. Blogging

Another simplest way to start, be your own BOSS, create your own blog, you can do that for free using Blogger service by Google or if you want to get professional later on then WordPress.org should be your primary choice for the list of customizations it offers. This blog is hosted on Blogger and I have been blogging from 2010, I did not make any switch because I am comfortable using Blogger, so it all depends on your and your creative mind.

#3. Online Counselling

Become a counsellor, you have some skills share them for money, teach and guide people on what they should do, people usually charge around $100 per session depending on the importance of subject. You can be a medical counsellor or guide them on how to create their template in more practical way.

#4. Online Translator

Many people HIRE other people for translating their books, videos and what not. Few even HIRE to get their NOVEL in another language, yes online translation could be useful, no one can replace the human mind in translating, not even Google Translate, so yes that could be useful.

#5. Service Reselling

Can be termed as affiliate marketing but for the services not products. So imagine you are HIRED by someone who does very good online counselling and they have a price like $50, so you can resell their service to other people using your own media and add your price to it, so people will buy the service your person will help them and you will make referral money out of it.

#6. Employee Referral

Many business HIRE people like HR to get them the best people who can really PUMP IN profit into their companies, for that they can pay you good referral amount. So you can refer some MBA’s, graduates or any professional who might be willing to work for that company.

#7. Drop Shipping

Another sale making thing, you sell some products listed on EBAY after you have obviously signed up for them and as soon as the sale is made, the company will deliver the parcel on their own, you do not have to do anything, everything is managed by the company, you just make profit.

#8. Selling on eBay, Amazon & Other Sites

So you have created a product or you have some old stuff that you want to sell, this is another nice way to make some money out of it, you can register as a merchant on these sites and start selling your products.

#9. Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking links of other sites and helping them build links to their website for new articles. You can easily make money helping them build traffic, so just like providing services on SEOClerks & Fiverr. But you need to make sure that you are not spamming links, only genuine and good quality content should be bookmarked so that other people can benefit from it.

#10. Data Entry

A very common daily routine JOBS you can opt in, you might have already seen many advertisements on daily basis that states data entry can help you earn this much money, not all ADS are authentic, so you need to FIND the reliable one’s and start working. This does not require any special skills for you to have, just basic use of software could help you get started.

#11. Being Virtual Assistant

If you have mastered some skills and you know you can be beneficial to any company in many ways, then you can offer your services online, being Virtual Assistant to that company, so this way you can provide your valuable insight being at home or anywhere else.

#12. Editing & Proof-Reading

Required by news agencies and other media portals, you can start as an editor and proof-reader to many firms. All you need to have Good English Grammar Skills & you are good to go.

#13. Designing & Selling Merchandise

You might have to do little investment, but this work is booming and many designers are making good money by selling their designs. You need a good printer and basic knowledge about designing, you can start learning Corel Draw that will allow you to create your own T-Shirt Designs.

#14. Restoring Old Photos

Old photos could get rusty but if you have some design skills and good at photo editing software's like Photoshop then you can list your service through your website and earn money by restoring old photos for your customers.

#15. Writing SEO Optimized Content

Article Writing & SEO Optimized Content writing has a lot of difference. With SEO Optimized Content Writing you need to have SEO Skills for that post to rank good, people usually pay more for these types of articles, so if you have good skills then you be that SEO Guy.

#16. Selling Services Online

If you are good at something why not help others and sell your services, there are many sites that allow you to host your services that will be displayed to people all over the world, by which you can start making money when your service gets completed & customer returns good reviews.

#17. Selling Handmade Items

You can tell your MOM to start knitting some sweaters for selling them online with a pony face on front, yes handmade items can include different things, like recently with Coronavirus Breakdown people started making Hand Sanitizers and selling them at high prices.

#18. SEO Consultant

As many people are jumping into this Blogging field, they usually require someone to give them hand and teach them how to swim in this ocean of creativity. Yes if you have good skills then you can be SEO Consultant and start guiding people and improving their site speed and design.

#19. Online Homework Help

Providing your knowledge in form of videos using sites like Lynda, Udemy and many others or even helping kids and young students with their homework. Everyday we see many sites, helping people get around their homework with the help of professionals in that field.

#20. Be Creative

Its a BIG Online World out there and you need to have open mind to be creative and think of something out of the BOX, find new ways and start making money with your skills.

So guys this ends our post on how you can make money online with 20 proven ways by experts in this field. I know not all the points would be practical for few but still this can help you in kick starting your next BIG project, do let me know if you liked this post & also comment if you have any point that you think should be mentioned in this post, until then BYE.