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29 April 2011

10 Tips to Avoid Radiation from Mobile Phone’s

Below are some of the tips which will help you in avoiding or getting less radiation from your mobile phone’s .:

1. Use Branded handset’s which are entirely tested for every work which they have to perform.

2. Avoid China Mobiles: China mobiles had just captured all the market as they are provided @ a cheap price fulfilling all the basic and high profile needs of a consumer. But they do not have highly finished raw material in it which makes them a bad sign of radiation effects.

3. Always choose the Best Network for communication because it really matters it it has a high coverage it will surely dig up low energy level which will result in less radiation.

4. Now days China mobiles and many company are offering Dual SIM Phones satisfying consumers needs. Remember it gives access to two sim @ times and may also reduce your second phone purchasing job but it generates high radiation level which is not good. So try not to purchase dual sim or if u have one or want one them try disabling one if its not being used.

5. When hearing call or listening songs try to make more use of headsets else using speaker phone.

6. Using internet in your phone is a time when you forget everything else and you are just busy in gambling with your friends on Facebook try to keep your phone away from your body.

7. Using branded phone means us of branded batteries and don’t attempt or try to call when your battery level is low.

8. Now I don’t this fact or fiction but some people say use left ear to hear calls and avoid right one so just try to go with the rumors and use ur left ear to hear the next call beeping on ur phone.

9. Doing anything on ur mobile either listening music, browsing internet, playing games or anything try to avoid the phone contact with ur body.

10. The last and not the least right for this night and sleeping dream’s don’t keep your mobile phone near your head while you are sleeping or going to sleep so the next time you are going to sleep just keep it away at the table for the charging time.