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21 April 2011

How To Change Windows 7 Logon Branding

Windows 7 Logon Branding Changer is an easy to use portable tool that can replace default logon screen branding logo with any specified PNG image.

Windows 7 LogON

Just run this portable tool and click on Load Picture to add a PNG image to replace the default Windows 7 Logo. After that, click Apply to replace the branding logo. It must be noted that the provided image should be roughly 361 x 58 in size, in order to avoid getting a stretched and de-shaped look for the branding logo.

Windows 7 LogON

This will replace the Windows 7 branding logo on your logon screen. In case you would like to revert to the default logo, launch Windows 7 Logon Branding Changer and click Restore.

Windows 7 LogON

It only works on Windows 7. Don’t try to attempt this on Vista.