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12 June 2013

Incredibly Secure Full Proof Folder Hiding Trick for Windows

run-command-dialogWindows PC are used for many kind of stuff some people just use it for amusement purposes like just playing games and doing some silly stuff but some people are r4eally into it and are spending their time in creating documents and other confidential stuff. Now people usually want a way to protect their data well no matter what you wanna hide or protect this below method will surely gain some of your attention. This is a full proof and I think the best manual method to hide your folder’s easily.

How to Hide Folder using this trick ::

Well this tricks just includes a small command we need to run to hide any folder in any drive so by just running this command once that folder will be hidden and no once can view till we again run the opposite command for it. Follow below steps to see how it works.

  1. First just create a folder in any drive and put your confidential content in it.
  2. Now just press Windows Key + R to open up the Run dialog and type the below command replace last ABC digits with your folder name.

    attrib +s +h D:/ABC

  3. Make sure your folder name is correctly replace by the last ABC letters and D is replaced by the drive letter and now press Enter key to execute the command.
  4. Now your folder is completely hidden. Just give it a check.

How to Unhide Folder using this trick ::

Now when you wanna view that folder again you need to run the opposite command replacing the + sign with - sign so run below command and your folder will be visible again.

  1. Again in your Run dialog execute below command.

    attrib -s -h D:/ABC

  2. Now press enter and check your folder will be visible again.
  3. So that’s it now you can easily hide your folders and no one will be able to see those folder instead of you.

How this trick actually works and what to do when you forget your folder name ::

Well this might be the exact question in your mind that how this trick actually works, means god dam without using any paid tool or software you are able to hide your folder in stealth mode. Well the secret is that this trick is just executing the command and making that folder the system protected folder.

Now if anytime you do not remember the folder name you just made invisible the one way to see all the hidden files is too navigate to My Computer > Folder and Search Options > View Tab > Unmark Hide system protected files and folders.

So that’s it guys I hope you will surely hiding your files and folders using this trick, if you like this trick do share it with your friends and yes off course if you find any problems using this trick just make sure to ping me using the comments section below.