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07 May 2014

Simple Trick to Hide Files & Folders on your Android Device


Phones, Computer and other electronic devices are the means of communication, storage and other browsing experience. While using these devices we might come across something that we want to keep personal from other persons using that same device.

Well obviously we have many applications for locking that folder or file but that may cost us some penny’s so the other easy way to use the simple and easy method for hiding your files in your android device.

  1. Just download and install a free file explorer on your android device, I recommend Solid Explorer as its free and graphically enhanced.
  2. Now you just have to browser to the file or folder you wanted to hide like for example "Videos" folder can be the one you wanted to hide from other eyes.
  3. Now just rename that folder or file and add a . in front of it, so it will make something like ".Videos
  4. That’s it now Android Device won’t recognize that extension and it will stop showing it in your device.
  5. Well again if you wanted to show it up just rename it and remove that . in front of it and your folder will again start to appear easily.

So this is an easy working trick fro hiding your files in your Android Device, maybe you have some another easy solution which you might wanna share with us, do comment below and have fun.