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12 September 2012

Ninite Easily Creates Bulk Software Installer and Updater

niniteNinite is an easy to use online tool for creating a bulk software installer and updater than can easily complete installation for all your favorite pc software's with just one click. Pretty easy to use and can be used every time one reinstalls his or her windows. So software's are basically common and some can be installed according to your will.

So Ninite basically provides you with list of software's you can choose from to create one single installer .exe file for future use. You can also use this file to update all the earlier installed drivers. So now just follow below steps to see how it works and how you can create your own personal setup file.

  1. Visit Ninite.com
  2. Now you will see list of software's which you can bundle up in your one software package, you can check mark the one’s you wanna install.
  3. Now after you have selected all the software's you want to install just click on the Get Installer button and than your small setup file will start downloading.
  4. Now after the download has been completed simply run that file and it will start downloading all the software and will install them automatically