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17 October 2013

How to Check if your Antivirus Protection is Working or Not

eicar-virus-warningAntivirus can be considered as the main element of any system that protects and secures your PC from any harmful online or offline activities, a bad antivirus can simply lead your computer on the bad path hence destroying your software and making you prone to insecure world.

Well but to overcome this problem EICAR an online company has come up with an antivirus testing solution code than when ran onto the system will force antivirus programs to catch it up and hence proving that they are working.

  1. Make sure your Antivirus is installed and its resident shield is active.
  2. Now open up your Notepad and paste the below code into it.


  3. Now just save this file, now as soon as you will hit save a virus warning will popup stopping you from saving this file as it has been detected as virus.
  4. So if you get this virus warning that means your Antivirus is working perfectly and it is detecting any kind of virus affecting your pc.

If you do not get any warning than you should check your antivirus settings maybe if resident shield might be off, if it is on and still its not detecting than its time to change your antivirus program, well check out this Antivirus Comparison review post.