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04 August 2014

8 Effective Ways to Access Faster Internet Connection

faster internet access

If you live in India than this might be the question that arises in your mind on how to access faster internet connection using slower internet. Well you might a good broadband connection but that still lacks the proper speed barriers and you get filthy speeds, so now if you are wondering on how you can boost your internet speeds and access it faster than below steps or trick will surely work out for you.

#1. Using Google Website Slicer

Google website slicer is a tool than simply removes all those useless heavy scripted material from any website and just shows you the real content. It also allows you to remove images from the whole website and make it much more faster for access.

You just need to visit Google Website Slicer page and enter your website name you wanna access. Now you can click on the Hide Images option to make your webpage much more faster.

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#2. Using TCP Optimizer Tool

TCP Optimizer is a simple tool for windows platform for optimizing your internet connection easily. It simply changes your TCP and IP Parameters and gives your internet a boost. Well full details about it and how to use it can be seen in this post.

#3. Fixing and Optimizing your Wi-Fi Connection

If you think that this point does not have any importance in this post than you are wrong, Wi-Fi is something everyone uses to browse internet and if you are facing some problems using it you should fix it to optimize your internet connection too.

Well this post on 10 Common Wi-Fi Problem and Fast Fixes to Overcome Them will give you an insight on fixing and optimizing your Wi-Fi connection.

#4. Reposition Your Router

Yep, often it can be as basic as that. There are lots of elements that influence your connection, and in some cases moving your router far from home appliances such as refrigerators and TV's can stop any disturbances. Make certain it does not operate on the exact same frequency as your cordless phone, since that too can trigger problems. Preferably, put your router in the middle of the house about 100 cm off the floor and far from any blockages to guarantee you have excellent gain access to in all spaces.

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#5. Using Different Browsers

If you're utilizing old variations of Web browsers that are contaminated with tough to eliminate toolbars, uninstall the browser and set up the current variation of Chrome. Keep in mind, Chrome is thought about to be among the fastest browsers offered and substantially superior to Web Explorer.

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#6. Close Unused Programs

Among the most convenient characteristics you can do to obtain the very best from your Web connection is close any unused programs running in the background. You can do this by opening the job manager (alt, ctrl & delete on Windows) and see exactly what programs are running which you aren't making use of. These programs might be automobile upgrading, downloading patches or merely just running some sort of procedure that is using up your useful bandwidth.

#7. Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

If you are running a single computer system on your network, and the computer system is located near your router, you might decide to run a Ethernet cable television to you COMPUTER and run the web with that. This removes any disturbances and issues you might run into with a cordless signal.

#8. Changing Net Providers

It might simply be that your Net carrier isn't really offering the speeds you prefer. There are numerous high-speed alternatives out there, for instance in Australia, consumers have the choice to link to the National Broadband Network (NBN). The NBN varies from conventional broadband networks by working on an fiber optic network linked to the exchange. Using fiber to node innovation, the NBN can provide speeds of over 100Mbps. Well if you are living in the Kansas City then Google Fiber could be your first choice for most amazing and fastest Internet.

Well this actually ends my post briefing you about how you can easily access faster internet connection where ever you live or what ever condition you might be facing, hope this will bring JOY on your face and you will get some instant knowledge.