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28 July 2012

5 Brilliant Tips to Increase your Mobile Internet Speed

mobile internet speedMobile internet these days is the main source for the teenagers for staying updated on social networks, sometimes Internet gets slow or even gets disconnected that stage is really freaky insane and it pisses everyone off.

So today we are going to see some steps which will boost your mobile internet connectivity and hence gain some more speed.

  1. Well the first point is obvious find some near Hotspot and use their internet as its fast and more active. As they are connected to a broadband which they are simply distributing through Wi-Fi so you can take advantage of that thing and enjoy faster speeds.
  2. Breaking all the Bonds, using mobile internet or EDGE in a congested room entirely covered with walls and think plates can cause decrease in mobile internet service so better to use it in open without any walls or anything.
  3. Using mobile internet in Off Peak hours can seriously boost up the speed because the using traffic is really low the times which is suitable for this thing is @ night, so try to use it in night as it can really help you out.
  4. Updating your Mobile Firmware can get new settings or mods for your phone which can rapidly increase speed and gain more connectivity so every month always check that if there are any updates for your phone.
  5. Well the last thing can cost you some BUCKS but may show you some increase in your speed is that purchase booster i.e. antenna which can rapidly capture more signals and gain more connectivity so you can try this one if you find one.

So these were the 5 tips which can bring some happiness on your face as they will surely boost your mobile internet connection and giver you faster Facebook Access. So if you have any more tips for increasing than please comment below and I will surely add that too.