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15 September 2014

How to Express Love ♥ in a GEEK Way using Simple Text

express love in Geek Way

Hello everyone this one is little old but I like it a lot, it's a very decent trick to express your love to anyone, well basically we are just going to highlight few numbers between few number and hence it will create a nice pattern. Well I have even posted about 3 awesome ways for wishing your valentine that works pretty nice too but lets check out this one and how it actually works.

Show your LOVE with this Simple Text

So now just follow below steps, you can post this trick on any social platform but I think facebook will be the best one.

  1. Open Facebook and press the New Status Button and paste below text exactly into it without modifying anything.


  2. Now you just need to ask your LOVE to press Ctrl + F and Enter 9 that's it now "I LOVE U" text will be highlighted.
  3. For the demo stuff you can press Ctrl + F search for 9 you will get the idea.

So I think this looks superb plus its going to secret if some true GEEK doesn't know about it. So have fun guys do share this post if you like it.