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20 March 2014

Extract Text from Image using Optical Image Recognition

image-to-textText extraction from images can happen anytime like viewing some awesome quotes that are in the form of image, well now you wanna share those quotes with your friends using the message then you need the text form, well now you always have the option to type that whole text but long Para-graphic quotes are really not easy to be typed along so we have an awesome tool that you can use in order to extract all that text from those images.

Free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an awesome technique that simple understands the default pattern of a normal character and then easily types it using its computeristic mind. Well the result is fast conversion and easily rendered text. Well now the best part about this tool is that it supports many other languages other then English, so no worries if you have some other foreign language based image, if you wanna extract text from it you can do that easily.
  1. Visit Free OCR Online Tool. [LINK} (Well now the online tool support’s JPG, BMP, PNG and even PDF files and you also need to make sure that your image size do not exceed the 2 MB limit.)
  2. Now just press the Choose File option and select the image you wanna upload and fill up the captcha for security reasons.
  3. After that your image will be processed and you will soon get your text extracted from the image pretty easily.

So guys this was the easiest way to extract text from your images, so now you do not have to worry if someone hands over you some image filled up with text and tells you to type that whole text, you know what you have to do, just upload that image and your text will be typed automatically.