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28 September 2012

How to Transfer Windows Files - Images - Settings Easily

windows-logoHave you purchased a new PC or shifted to an old one but all the data stuff is in your previous PC, well than that’s not a big problem because we have Windows Easy Transfer official transfer tool by Microsoft well with this you transfer files, pictures, images and settings to any new windows operated pc The best thing about this tool is that it also includes a file explorer or you can say file manager which you see many times on a Nokia phone so you can also see what things to copy and what not.


This tool is official developed by Microsoft for their humble customers, giving them an easy way to complete the whole process. Check below steps on how to use this awesome simple tool.

  1. Download Windows Easy Transfer Tool.
  2. Now just run this tool on your old pc from which you are willing to transfer your files and settings. You can choose to backup settings in your external drive such as pen drives.
  3. Now just run this tool again on your new pc and choose the file from external drive to restore the whole process in your new pc.