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12 November 2011

10 Amazing Google Search Hidden Tricks

10 Amazing Google Search Hidden TricksGoogle is the best search engine available right now in the world of internet and it also has some amazing tricks which will amaze you on how they work so we are here with 10 amazing Google Search Tricks which are hidden and you need to enter the correct the keyword to access them up, so check all of them below.

10 Amazing Google Search Hidden Tricks .:

1. Gravity - When you enter Google gravity in the search bar, and hit I’m feeling luck you would greatly astonished to see how it brings your world down.

2. Askew - Just enter ASKEW and you would be forced to tilt your head.

3. Chuck Norris - Search for Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger star and you would be astonished with what Google has in store for you.

4. ASCII - Search for ASCII art and that’s the weirdest things you could do. Google presents you with a special logo.

5. Recursion - When you search for the word Recursion google asks you”Did you mean recursion”.

6. Mentalplex - Mentalplex began as an April fool joke but with this feature you can baffle your family and friends.

7. Pacman - Pacman is another Google doodle to entertain you when you’re bored.

8. Ninja - When you go to the Google reader and using your cursor keys scroll up down right and left you are greeted by a ninja that appears on the screen.

9. Nessie - For this to work you will have to set your Google page to beach theme and wait till 3:14 am or set ahead your clock.

10. Flight simulator - Click on tools and enter flight stimulator and enjoy your flight to the planet.