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16 December 2011

How to Open Files with Unknown Extension

Usually you browse internet and come across many files which having different extensions like .exe, .mp3, .wav etc, so some extensions are familiar to you and you know which program can open that file and which not but some are really different from entire internet world means you have not used that file and you are not aware of their extension well what you can do in that stage is to Google about that extension but there is another online service called WolphramAlpha, which can solve your extension problem really easily.

Now its really easy to use as you only have to visit their website and than enter that extension with the dot into their search bar and you will a nice detail with programs to open that file.

How to Open Files with Unknown Extension

So as you can see in the above image I just entered the .torrent extension and after making search for that I got all the details and suitable programs to open .torrent files. So now increase your extension knowledge and grab your abnormal extension programs to open them up.