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21 December 2011

Play Games without inserting Games Original Disc

Game JackalUsually when you purchase some games from market they provide you with official activation key for installing that game for once in your personal computer or laptop. But after the game is installed and you click on its icon to play that game you are stuck @ a windows saying insert disk to play the game well what's that you purchased that game and hell ya its again asking for disk to be inserted into the drive so that you can play that game.

Well this is nothing just a layer of protection as company thinks that you might have downloaded this game through torrents or any other pirated games sites so they need you to insert there disk in that drive so that you can play that game, but if you have purchased that from market and you have that disc you insert the disk and game starts but every time you want to play that game you have to insert that disk its totally annoying, well we can overcome that problem by installing a small software called Game Jackal Pro.

Game JackalGame Jackal Pro is a software created by SlySoft company which is already delivering some heavy duty software's for PC like Clone CD and Virtual Clone Drive, now with this small tool you can simply create profiles for that particular game which you wanna play without inserting disc for that game, well this tool simply copy some files and create a image for that CD in seconds and you never have to insert that disc anymore for playing that game.

The user interface is simple to use you simply have to follow steps as its says and than choose your games executable file, after that’s done its will tell you to insert the CD or DVD into the drive so that it can check and create image for that game now after its has done that you will get the game icon in its window simply right click and than choose create desktop shortcut. Now anytime you wanna play that game simply click that shortcut and your game will start playing without that disk.