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02 December 2012

Scan Suspicious Files with Different Antivirus Engines Online

VirusTotalSuspicious files are all over the internet, you download something and you come across another virus or malware which is totally unknown to your Antivirus Engine, so that does not make any sense that you are having the best Antivirus Engine in the world but sometimes that too fails to detect that kind of virus. So what we can do in that case well we go for something which can search your file using all Antivirus Engine available.

That’s right searching and scanning for malware and viruses through all Antivirus Engines together can be done really easily with VirusTotal. So what VirusTotal says on about them.

VirusTotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, Trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines.


So now this is what you will see when you will visit their website a simple online file Uploader where you can submit a file or scan a website or File through URL. You can also see a Service Load text written above in the image that simply scans the whole traffic on their website and tell you that how much load they have on their server.

Now theirs a small problem with this service that they have a file size limited to 20MB per file, so from my point of view that’s good because it makes their website free for everyone as they do not have much load on their server.

So now click on Choose File and than click on Send File and you will see another window light boxed in front of you saying something like below .:


So now your file is being upload and they will scan your file with their all Antivirus Engines and brief your results in few seconds like below .:


So now you can see that how many Antivirus Engines have detected this file as an virus and of which category. So from the above image you can see that 5 Antivirus out of 43 detects it as a Virus so now if you want to see which Antivirus is detecting it and in which category than click on View Last Report.