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11 January 2012

Speed Up Your YouTube Videos Enjoy with no Buffering

Buffering is simply referred to loading when you play some video on YouTube or other video website than it depends on your Internet Connection how fast in will play, if you have a low speed connection than it might buffer a lot and you might get fed up. You have many options with which you can make your video to play faster like decreasing the resolution @ which the video is playing or changing your internet service provider but wait do we have any other good solution to this thing well Yup ! we have one best solution to solve this problem.

Speedbit the same company which delivers best Download Manager DAP ( Download Accelerator Plus ) has another good and cool product called Speedbit Video Accelerator, Speedbit Video Accelerator simply recovers your lost internet speed and boosts your video speed for no buffer and smoother play.

Speedbit Video Accelerator

The process to get this into work is really simple as it is just a software so install it on your Windows or Mac machine and than it automatically accelerates your YouTube or any other video’s. You can see the Accelerating Message on the right hand side corner like in the image above.

Now there’s one problem with this free software that it does not Accelerate HD Videos so you have to purchase their premium version to accelerate those videos. Well but if you are not in the plan to invest some money in this software than free version is best for you. SO for the proof I just started watching some online movies and I saw incredible change in buffer it didn’t buffer for even one time and I was able to watch movies smoothly and constantly.

Now people who are interested in this software can Download it from Video Accelerator Website, they have both PC and MAC Versions so check out which one you wanna download according to your system.