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08 February 2015

3 Awesome Ways for Wishing Valentines Day to your ♥

Well Valentines day is still to come and we have lots of goodies for you to express your love to your valentine. Well below we have gathered 3 awesome ways which will simply help you to get some nice attraction from your partner.

1. Wishing through Google Search trick :

Google heart search trickNow if you wanna wish her valentine in a Geek way than this trick is just for you, now you can wish your love using Google amazing search trick. So check out how to get this heart in Google Search from here

2. Wishing through Notepad Trick :

We found this another amazing trick to wish your valentine using Notepad, yes it sounds strange as its does not have any amazing tools for this stuff but this thing is just awesome so check below steps.

1. Grab this TXT File and copy all the contents from it and paste it in a Notepad (make sure your Notepad is maximized)

2. Now just hit Ctrl + H and than replace 6 with _ (underscore) and than hit Replace All.

3. Now you will be amazed with the image like below greeting you with Happy Valentines Day.

valentines day notepad trick

3. Wishing with Custom Google Search Logo :

You can also wish her using a custom name at the place of original Google Logo, you can type anything Happy Valentines Day or any other quote its totally amazing, I just created a default search engine for you names I LOVE U which you can access here.

Valentines day custom logo trick

So yes here we go with another amazing post just for making your Valentines day more amazing more fun :) Well if you think you have something more you can express your love with than do share with us by commenting below and we will surely add that giving credit to you.