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08 August 2014

Download your Facebook Album Photos into ZIP Package

picknzip-facebook-imagesIf you have uploaded and shared many occasional photos with all your friends by creating different albums according to their characteristics then you should backup your entire collection into one zip package so that if anything goes wrong you have already created a backup for your future support. Well we have a very great website which can do your work really easily called “PicknZip” now as the name suggest it creates zip package for your entire Facebook albums database and gives you the download link so that you can easily store them where ever you wanted too.

So now using PicknZip you can download videos and photos you are tagged in, so not only your normal photos will be downloaded but the images in which you are tagged can be downloaded too.

  1. Visit PicknZip.com Online Tool.
  2. Now there is a Login button, just click that and login with your facebook account.
  3. Grant access to this application.
  4. Now you will see view like above, you can click on Find My Photos & Videos button to analyze your images and grab them.
  5. You even have the option to choose your friends name, and all the images that have your friends name tagged onto it will be visible.
  6. Now you can select the images you wish to download, simply select the album and then select the image.
  7. Now click on the Download button, choose your format either .zip or .pdf
  8. Now your images will start to download.
  9. You also have the option to download all the images in which you are tagged. So its really easy to get all the images without actually marking them.

So guys this was the one easy way that you can use in order to download images from your facebook account, well there are few more ways displayed below check them out.

Download Facebook Photos with PhotoLive Extension

Now you can simply download any Facebook Album @ a click of a button by simply using PhotoLive Chrome Extension which is free and really easy to configure you simply have to install and then go boom click on the download album button and that’s it see below how it works.

  1. Make sure you have chrome installed.
  2. Now install the PhotoLive Chrome Extension.
  3. photolive-facebook-buttonNow after you have installed PhotoLive Extension you go to Facebook.com and you will see something like on the right.
  4. Now you need to click on this button and then you need to navigate to your facebook album that you wish to download.
  5. photolive-download-buttonSo now when you visit any of your album you will see the download button something like on the right.
  6. Just click this Download Button and your albums will start downloading in .zip format.

So now you can easily download any of your facebook albums that too in bulk and save them for future crisis, so just install this extension and enjoy.

Download Facebook Albums with PhotoGrabber Tool

photograbber-tool-windowsWell there is another windows based tool called PhotoGrabber that you can use to download your facebook photo's in bulk. Well you can download this tool and then login with your facebook account. Then it will analyze your account and then it will show your all the images, so check below steps.

  1. Download PhotoGrabber Desktop client for Windows or Mac.
  2. Now just sign in with your Facebook Acc. and than you have to allow this application to access your Facebook data.
  3. Now you will see all the albums listed in this application just choose which ones you wanna download and than hit Begin Download.
  4. Now downloading will start and you will get all your albums right on one folder on your desktop.

So guys now these were the three easy ways that you can use to download your facebook photos, albums your tagged images in bulk or single. Well these options are available for free, so you do not have to pay for any of these extension or tools, So have fun downloading images and enjoy.