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16 February 2012

Enhance YouTube Features with YouTube Center Script

YouTube Center script is a kind of add-ons which install’s right in your browser and enhances YouTube features with more stuff. You love browsing YouTube catalog as it’s the most popular video streaming website in the world with the Alexa ranking of 3 so enhancing it can simply bring more entertainment in less time and frustration.

YouTube Center

So after you will install YouTube Center script you will see a kind of panel like above in the image below your videos. So you can simply repeat it, download it and change many stuff instantly.

Major Key Features :

1. Lets you repeat videos.
2. Download them instantly in many formats which ever suits you.
3. Changing resolution.
4. Downloading video as MP3 (done through external website)
5. Prevent auto play on videos.

Installing Script :

If you want to install this script than you can grab it from here, if  Chrome it can directly installed just click on Install but if you are on Firefox than you need to have Greasemonkey Installed and than click on Install on the script page.

Now just visit YouTube and than search for any video and you will see this panel right below every video so you can configure and download video’s on the go, enjoy :)