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25 August 2013

How to Post Flipped Text Status on Facebook or Twitter

Recently I posted about funky text generator that you can use to create awesome funky text for your facebook chat, well you can use that widget to make your chat much more awesome and creative, well if you need to make some good status updates then this text flipping generator will be helpful, well using this flipping text generator your can generate your text in flipped order so making it much more difficult but fun to read. So your friends will get tricked on what you have really posted.

So now using this tool is really easy you just need to enter your text in the below field and your text will be generated in the next field, so your text will be flipped that you can easily use as your status update or comment reply. You can even use it to add your tweet on twitter that too flipped :)

So now enjoy using this awesome  text flipping service, well now you might be wondering if you could add this widget to your blog too, well just check below embedding code, add it to your website & make sure to provide us a link back.

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
function tweet(){var e=document.f.flipped.value}function flip(){var e=flipString(document.f.original.value);document.f.flipped.value=e;document.getElementById("tweet").href="http://twitter.com/home?status="+e}function flipString(e){e=e.toLowerCase();var t=e.length-1;var n="";for(var r=t;r>=0;--r){n+=flipChar(e.charAt(r))}return n}function flipChar(e){if(e=="a"){return"ɐ"}else if(e=="b"){return"q"}else if(e=="c"){return"ɔ"}else if(e=="d"){return"p"}else if(e=="e"){return"ǝ"}else if(e=="f"){return"ɟ"}else if(e=="g"){return"b"}else if(e=="h"){return"ɥ"}else if(e=="i"){return"ı"}else if(e=="j"){return"ظ"}else if(e=="k"){return"ʞ"}else if(e=="l"){return"ן"}else if(e=="m"){return"ɯ"}else if(e=="n"){return"u"}else if(e=="o"){return"o"}else if(e=="p"){return"d"}else if(e=="q"){return"b"}else if(e=="r"){return"ɹ"}else if(e=="s"){return"s"}else if(e=="t"){return"ʇ"}else if(e=="u"){return"n"}else if(e=="v"){return"ʌ"}else if(e=="w"){return"ʍ"}else if(e=="x"){return"x"}else if(e=="y"){return"ʎ"}else if(e=="z"){return"z"}else if(e=="["){return"]"}else if(e=="]"){return"["}else if(e=="("){return")"}else if(e==")"){return"("}else if(e=="{"){return"}"}else if(e=="}"){return"{"}else if(e=="?"){return"¿"}else if(e=="¿"){return"?"}else if(e=="!"){return"¡"}else if(e=="'"){return","}else if(e==","){return"'"}else if(e=="."){return"˙"}else if(e=="_"){return"‾"}else if(e==";"){return"؛"}else if(e=="9"){return"6"}else if(e=="6"){return"9"}return e}//]]></script><style>textarea{padding:5px;border:1px solid #ccc;width:590px;height:110px;resize:none}</style><form name="f" id="f"><textarea rows="5" placeholder='Enter your text to be flipped here :)' cols="50" name="original" onkeyup="flip()"></textarea><br><hr><textarea rows="5" placeholder='Your flipped text automatically appears here' cols="50" name="flipped"></textarea></form>