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20 February 2012

How to Skip those Irritating YouTube Ads Immediately

Now days YouTube has started buffering many advertisements before actual video plays this happens mostly on a high rated and viewed video so you might have figured this up if you are a regular YouTube browser, so obviously those advertisements are irritating and they make us leave that page so that we can watch another one saving some time.

But what if we can remove those ads completely just with one click, well yes now you can do that using a nice chrome extension called “Skip ads on YouTube” well this is a free and simply extension you just need to install it and it will be embed into YouTube with a little blue arrow icon.

YouTube ads Skip

So now when ever you visit any video on YouTube that plays advertisement like above in the image right on top of the video just click on that Blue Arrow you see like in the image above and than as soon as you click it your page will refresh and than you will not have any advertisement.

That’s it now just install this extension and enjoy advertisement free YouTube experience. You can check out YouTube Center which will enhance your YouTube with more features. You can also speed up your YouTube with no Buffering check here.