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29 February 2012

How to Download Google Books Easily using GBooks

Google Books is the best way to read and gain some knowledge online using their huge online books collection which they have scanned made them optimized for web reading. Well but obviously every book can be read online but there is no option for downloading and reading them offline right on your desktop. So we found GBooks Downloader which does this job easily for you. It can download all your books in PDF, JPEG or PNG format (some conditions apply).

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Steps for Downloading :

1. Download GBooks Downloader for Windows or Mac. ( you will also need Adobe Reader X for viewing these downloaded files so get that too ).

2. Now go to http://books.google.com/books/ and than search for any book you wanna download and copy its URL which will look something like below.


3. Now just paste that URL in the image like above and than choose the format and the Output Folder and than click on Start.

4. Now your downloading will start and you will have your Book downloaded into PDF format if you chose than one and than you can view that file in Adobe Reader X.

Video Demo :

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