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06 September 2012

How to Change your Voice Pitch on Skype for Windows

clown fish settingsSkype is the best client for long distance communication and its even expanding all the possibilities for connecting even a low end person by giving some easier access on few smaller phones including big smartphones. Recently Facebook acquired Skype and people can do video chatting with all their friends on Facebook.

So we have earlier posted many stuff for Skype like Hidden Skype Emoticons and much more so today we are posting on how you can change your voice on Skype while chatting with other friend well it will be a real fun means becoming a alien or a predator and making fun of your friends.

ClownFish Translator is a small plugin for Skype which works together united with it and make all these pitch changing scene live. I comes bundled with many options and tweaks which you can configure like in the image on the right. Aside of voice changing it has many more options which you can use and enjoy this amazing small plugin.

How to use ClownFish Translator for changing voice on Skype :

So now if you wanna have some fun with all your friends you can check below tutorial on how you can use it fro changing your voice pitch on Skype and give them a huge laugh.

1. Download ClownFish Translator Plugin

skype clownfish access2. After download is complete just install it and your Skype will popup asking permission to allow ClownFish use Skype, just click on Allow access like in the above image. (If Skype does not pops up automatically simply open it manually.

3. So now everything is up and running, now just click on the taskbar and than right click on the ClownFish icon and you will see settings in the first image, hover on the voice changer option and than choose the one you like.

4. Now start calling your friend and speak anything, now your normal voice is transformed and converted into the chosen one which your friend will hear. If you wanna test this first just call the echo test call and start recording your voice you will see that your pitch is changed.

Now you are done with this another pranking tutorial for Skype voice changing, hope you liked it and will share with all your friends, Kudos !…