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27 May 2012

AlternativeTo - Find Alternatives to Different Software's

Our computer and tech world is filled with a dimension of softwares, everything you do can be taken down easily with a support of a good software - apps, well but sometimes that software might stop working or is not able to fulfill the need of what you really want, well at that time AlternativeTo online service comes into play which simply gives you lots of different software which can be used instead of that particular software.

alternativeto online service

AlternativeTo has different categories covering everything from Windows to Mac and iPhone to Android, so any software or application you wanna get alternatives for can be searched and found right here. You just have to visit their website http://alternativeto.net/ and click on the category you wanna get software alternatives for and than you will get a list of software's related to that specific one.

So I just searched for Google Drive alternatives and I got a nice list below just check below screenshot.alternativeto google drive

So this website is quit useful for someone who really wants something instead of something and classification is also done really good. Many reviews and likes are also seen so that you review it quit easily.