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24 June 2012

10 Cool Stuff and Accessories for Facebook you will Love ♥

Facebook plugins, tricks and hacks are always on the go ready to be delivered to you by use, we bring all the news and updates from Facebook what they are upto and other stuff but today we have some cool accessories and stuff related to facebook which you will love to purchase for your personal use. These are products created by different companies and they sell it online so just check out below and have fun guys.

1. Like Foam Hand


Facebook like button is the one best thing which allows you to show your love against stuff led by your fans or friends., you like their things and than they do the same, so that fun can not always be carried everywhere as you might not be available everytime online so this foam hand comes in you can wear this up and start waving your hand for showing your positive response.

2. Social Sticky Notes


Now you can send messages to your employees or family members by just sitting in your office or home. These social notes pad is just meant for writing your messages on it and sending it to anyone and it simply looks awesome. It has columns to write the name of the person you sending the note too and then writing your message below, well also has a small send button which is just to give it a nice online look.

3. Social Shower Curtain


Now if you are taking shower than also you can act that you are on your facebook profile with this social shower curtain which has a old profile look with a space for your pic empty, well obviously the rest area would be blur which you might don’t wanna show off. Pretty good as messages also written and other links are also displayed.

4. Facebook Mouse Pad

facebook mouse pad

Now roll over your mouse on a cool facebooky pad which has a nice fb links graffiti embed on it, the great combination of words and color makes it more awesome and cool to be used. It can used for any mouse type and you friend will also like it very much get it now to impress them up.

5. Like and Dislike Stamps

like and dislike stamps facebook

Facebook Like and Dislike Stamps are the best ones and I simply came in love with them, means this can be useful for anyone a business man signing or passing any order, a teacher checking her students work or your mom or dad checking your assignments. The stamps can be easily punched and you will get a nice Like or Dislike branding on your stuff.

6. Facebook Nail Arts

facebook nail arts

Nail Arts are normally used by girls to dress up their nails, so you can gift these nail arts so that they can make their nails somewhat social, this pack includes a set of 10 nail arts so your hands can be filled with them and these are entirely hand painted so it really looks real that you have done it on your own.

7. Facebook Like Necklace

facebook like nacklace

A beautiful hand crafted, perfectly cut necklace with a Like branding which can be changed to any desired name in Verdana Font, this one is really good for normal gifting purpose so you can gift it to your friends and say that you like them, or you can also get their name on this one that will also look awesome.

8. Facebook Tea and Coffee Mugs

tea and coffee mugs

Give your mornings a social twist with these tea and coffee mugs which has a simple like logo plus tea and coffee written on them, you can gift them also on any occasion depending on the strong relations with your buddy.

9. Facebook Like Keychain

facebook like keychain

Socially Inspired Keychain, like your car give its key a like twist with this cool like keychain, this keychain has a simple like logo and can be installed in any key as it comes with a normal round top. Now give this to your friends and see how they will love it out.

10. Facebook Family Sticker

facebook family sticker

Family sticker for facebook for showing you love towards your family, looks beautiful and can applied anywhere the sticker is also available in many colors and can be used on walls, cars, or other objects.

So here ends the list of wonderful facebook accessories which you should surely order out and make your like more social.