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29 June 2012

10 Tips to Keep your Password Remarkably Strong

Strong Passwords are the key to good security, and when security is tight no trespasser is able to sneak your private data. We have already give a tutorial on revealing asterisk password in chrome browser so you can have a check on that and for this tutorial we have 10 awesome secure tips which you can implement and make your passwords much more strong.

passwords online

  1. People usually keep passwords related to something that’s close to them and that’s the biggest mistake as that can be figured out easily so do not ever keep passwords related to your own assets.
  2. Mixing up passwords with letters, numeric numbers, symbols is a great way of making it much more strong for any fake password revealer. So name sure that your passwords is very well shaked with letters, words and symbols.
  3. Choosing Non-Sense words may make your password shameful but who cares as no one is going to figure that word out so attach it to a good words and create a nice new password.
  4. Revealing your passwords to your friends is another biggest mistake tat every teenager is doing these days as they all maintain a single account and work together to impress some girls that’s not good and you should not reveal your passwords to anyone.
  5. Choosing something from your ancestors means maybe there names, there any good assets or anything because those things are only known to the family members.
  6. Sharing your passwords online with your family members can be really risky as it can be sniffed out and unauthorized person can take control over your account.
  7. If you trace any suspicious activity on your account than the best thing is too change your passwords and tweak your privacy settings, you might also wanna logout of all the older working sessions.
  8. Password should not be too much long or short because both have adverse effects, the short one can be sniffed out easily and the long one can be forgotten so make sure your passwords character limit is fixed between 6-12 characters.
  9. Make sure to print or write your password on a diary or a piece of paper as in case your are not able to memorize the password this will surely help you out and in getting your password back.
  10. Last one after approx. every 3 months make sure to change your passwords for some additional security.

Here goes 10 awesome tips for making your password much more secure and safe to be used online. So follow these tips and if you have any other tips than make sure to comment below.