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11 June 2012

F.lux Protects your Eyes while using PC or Browsing Internet

F.lux LogoF.lux is known for providing better lightning for your pc, usually you love using your desktop or laptop for browsing internet or watching movie playing games and blah blah for everything. But while going these all stuff you probably are lacking into one major thing destroying your eyes daily and regularly. Well there are many things or measures you can take to overcome this problem, you can go for a eye protecting shield or now comes the easy software installing way which F.lux brings in.

F.lux SettingsF.lux simply adapts the color from the time of the day. So if its morning you will see your screen bright and shiny and as soon as the day is going to be over your screen will also start loosing that brightness and hence it will adapt the color which suites best to your eyes, so now no matter for how long you work on your pc, this thing will simply remove all those working restrictions for a pleasant workout.

Download F.lux now, its available for Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad for free, so grab it and start protecting your eyes form cruel desktop lightning.