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07 June 2012

Some Interesting Facts and Uses of Vodka Drink

Vodka as you all know is a kind of drink mainly used for party purposes or just for amusing yourself, its essence is so much superior than any other drink and due to large variety of flavors available for this drink it gets more and more spicier for any new drinker as he can choose the one he wanna go for, well now Vodka is not only meant for party and fun purpose it has some more uses which are really beneficial in regular day life.

vodka bottle

So we have grabbed some of the best facts and uses of VODKA given below which you will surely like and use in your daily life.

  1. Its really helpful in removing bandages from your wounds whose are recovered but still gives you pain when removing, so at that time simply apply some vodka on that bandaged area and than try removing it again and it will dissolve in it and will be removed easily without any pain.
  2. Cleaning Eye Glasses with a soft cloth soaked in Vodka is really good as its alcohol essence simply wipes it clean and removes all the germs.
  3. Vodka is also helpful in making your wet lips dry which can be a problem, so just apply some vodka on your lips and wait till they are dry.
  4. It can also treat Dandruff, well if vodka is mixed with crushed rosemary and applied on your hairs it again simply remove all the dandruff from your hairs.
  5. Refreshing out your cloths with Vodka is also helpful, just spray some vodka on your cloths and leave them to try boom they are now fresh.
  6. Many people have foot odor, well the best way is to wash your feet's with vodka and you will feel a lots of difference.

Well these were some of the facts and uses of Vodka which you can use in your daily life for making things changed or just impressing your friends with your vital knowledge about this drink.