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04 July 2012

Beam your Files to Friends with Just Beam It Online Service

just beam itBeaming your files means sharing your files on the go without uploading it out but just transferring it on the go. With Just Beam It online service you can easily transfer all your files with ease to your friends.

Process for sharing is really easy you just have to browse or drag the files and than ask your friends to open the link generated on your browser and than when they open that link you simply start beaming your file to them.

just beam it

There is no file limit mentioned on their website so I think so file can be off any size but transferring speeds depends on your internet connection. So I think so this is good way as it does not spams the internet the files which will be downloaded on one time, so as soon as the download is over the link get over. So now its your time to beam some files to your friends have fun and enjoy.