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27 July 2012

How to Find or Detect Theme Used on a Wordpress Blog

wordpress logoHave you recently come across a wordpress website designed according to your dream creation, means it has the best color combinations, backgrounds, navigation and anything you liked about that blog, than you might be wondering which theme is used in that website. Well possibly if author is kind enough he might not have vanished away the footer area which contains link to the source theme website or theme creator but if he has done some modifications to his entire footer area than what you can do to get that theme name or designer anything.

Well now enters the Wordpress detector online tool, which can easily detect the name of the theme, its designer, author page and much more by just using that blogs or website’s URL.

what wordpress theme is that

So I just gave a try to this online tool by entering any random websites name I went with the SML and it automatically gave all the required information like Theme Name, Theme Homepage, Description, Version, Author and Author Homepage.

So now you can just visit the author page and download that theme, if its paid than you can purchase it out at your own wish. So now start searching for your own desired theme @ WhatWPThemeIsThat by just entering the wordpress blogs url.

Remember Only wordpress blogs are supported, and you might not get theme name for every wordpress blog as they might have been created by their own admins.