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30 August 2014

{DIY} Create Amazing Night Glowing Jars using Glow Paint


Have you recently proposed your feonsay for a further relationship and wanna organize a beautiful dinner for her, want to have some unique cuisines, wines, deserts and who can forget a candle lightning up the whole scene well what if we replace those candles with some homemade awesome looking fireflies kind of jars which are just made using some Non-Toxic Glow Paints.

Just have a look at the jars above in the image which are created right at home and gets charged on their own, so a total eco friendly project with costing only for the glow paints. Now glow paints are obviously no a common product but I found that Asian Paints have glow paints available and you can grab some small containers from them.

Next you need some jars as you can see in the image they should clean and clear and you just need to scatter the paint flakes in them using any normal painting brush and using thumb pressing technique, you just need to repeat the whole process by changing colors to one another till you get whole jar filled with different color pattern.

Now its time to leave that jar in sunlight for letting it dry up and gaining some energy from the sun as that its source for eco friendly energy.

Now just take those jars in the night and you will see effect like in the above image. Impress your girl with it and have a nice lovely dinner with her. Hopefully this is going to be your best and easy homemade DIY project have fun :)