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02 November 2012

How to Verify your Google Adsense PIN and Remove Hold

Adsense is basically a major monetization program for any individual person who is struggling to make some bucks online. Well obviously they are not cruel enough to not lend their service to anyone personally but still they have some restrictions and criteria which you need to come under to become a verified member for their program, well and the one thing is AdSense PIN Verification that occurs when you create a new account with new address than they want to verify if the address mentioned by you is really true or fake.

So they just send you a Google PIN letter that contains you name your address and most important that 6 digits Google adsense PIN, a number for your life. When you add that number on their website to verify your account that your account get verified and you start earning your checks.

Google AdSense Verification PIN Letter Images

So recently my friend just received the Google AdSense PIN letter so I just asked him to send me few images on how this letter looks like, so he gave me the front, in and back cover image of the letter that shows the google logo in front, in between there are some text and it also contains that 6 digit PIN number and on the back its simply your name and your address.




So as you can see in the second image I have blurred the PIN number just for security reasons, so you will see your PIN written write their which you need to add in your account and click on verify. So this is the main method of verifying your account and removing HOLD from it so that you can receive your checks.

What If I Do Not Receive My AdSense Verification PIN Letter

Ok this might be the question in your mind if you have faced the same problem, as I have even not received my verification PIN, well AdSense gives you 3 tries to get your AdSense PIN so you can resubmit your request after a period of 2-3 weeks and than you might get your adsense PIN but in my case I did not received my PIN in 3 tries so I was little worried as I thought their can be some postal problems and now there’s no way to get my adsense verified and earn my check I just made out.

Well but that’s not the case Google AdSense team provides you with an alternate way after you have tried out your whole verification submits. Now there provide you with an easy way to verify your account, you can snap out some image of your credentials like driving license, PAN card, resident proof or something to show them that you are the genuine account holder. So they will provide you a upload option where you can click and submit your image, and within 4 hours your HOLD will be taken down.

You can Even Send them an Email to Verify your Account

Another way is to mail them at adsense-support@google.com with your account information + your credential image, and ask them to verify your account and remove the HOLD that may work too, as google team is kind enough to answer your question, as they helped me a lot in my blacklisted days.