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12 August 2014

How to Get Google Adsense Back on Disabled Website’s

adsense-bannedAdsense has taken the online business to a level where people can work and play side by side plus earn a livelihood income right from their home sitting on their benches and blogging on their favorite topic. Well but every business has some up and downs and the same goes for Adsense you might not have any money making problems with it but your business can crash in seconds if you have some policy violation lead by Google.

Yes we are employees and we have some rules and regulations lead by Google that let us use their service and make some money, if someone is caught crossing those limits his account will be taken down and if Adsense get late in catching that robber that you always have the option to report policy violation directly for that particular website.

Now the thing comes how you can exactly get your adsense back if you have fixed up everything that was creating any violation, well we have some easy steps that are obviously official by Adsense team, so following them we can positively get our Adsense account back.

Now if you want to check if your website or any other website is banned by Adsense or not you can check it out by following this tutorial.

  1. adsense-appeal-formGoogle Adsense team provides a simple appeal form that you can fill out and ask them to re-enable adsense on your website well you can access that form using this [Link]
  2. Now this form contains simple field you need to fill out like Name, Pub-ID, Issue-ID, your domain name and some notes about what you have done.
  3. So everything is easy t be filled out and if you are thinking what is that 3 option Issue ID # well that the number you received in your violation email by Google.
  4. So now just Submit this whole form and wait for few days till they respond you back.
  5. If you think too many days have been passed you can obviously contacts them directly by sending an email to adsense-support@google.com that they will receive and will respond you back.
  6. So possibly this will get your adsense back, but make sure that every post indicated by them or contacting illegal contents must be deleted by you.