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10 December 2012

Different Ways & Form’s of Google Adsense Invalid Activity

If you think making money from Google AdSense is lot easier that you can just come up with some website idea and build a blog on blogger and start making money than you are wrong maintaining a good reputation and readership is must for making a good and constant money. There are always some bad brains working out in getting your account banned or maybe you are too foolish that you are just trying to stuff up your bank by clicking on your own ads, well Google adsense team has created an educational video that explains different forms and ways Google Adsense invalid activity can be detected which can get your account banned.

They have stated everything that why you should not go for any invalid activity as it will simply crash the whole system of advertising and publishing. you even need a good readership that respect your website sponsors, bad crowd can simply infiltrate your whole system with bas clicks hence your account get banned and you become professional to looser blogger.

So to get more money or traffic you should not use any kind of messaging system, software interfaces that guarantee to double your income and traffic, but just believing in your self and your creativity you should start building traffic that will indirectly lead a too a good readership and you will surely make some good bucks.