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19 December 2012

Some Freaky Insane Ways to Get Visitors to your Blog

Bloggers and people all over the world trying to get targeted traffic to their blog have always replied on some simpler common strategies they try to apply to get visitors their blog, they try to get some backlinks, maybe some on page SEO and other marketing stuff, but well I just came thorough some stupid but useful ideas that can surely drive traffic to your blog and get some more page views without investing any money.

Stupid Ways to Increase Website Traffic

  1. Writing on School Benches - can be the easiest and free way for driving traffic to your blog. Well this method can even be used to target what kind of visitors you need on your blog like of you need the small age ones you can write on their benches or you can target the bigger students.
  2. Pasting Advertisements on College Canteens - well I just came up with this idea when I was studying in S.D College Chandigarh, well I just saw that every student passes out his maximum time gossiping in college canteen, so that could be the perfect spot for best exposure. So you can print out some creative idea with your website name on it and than you can paste that thing some where near your canteen walls.
  3. Writing on Toilet Walls - ha ha come-on you get it that the place where people spend their most of the time, checking out walls and other stuff so you can just take a pen or something and write down your website name maybe you can get some visitor out of that toilet wall.
  4. Advertise on your Vehicle - well you might own a car or bike why not use some empty space on it and add some banner advertisement displaying your website with something useful for anyone to open it out immediately.
  5. Making Stupid Funny Video's on YouTube - well YouTube is obviously the most awesome video website and you have the option to upload some freaky insane video that can get views from all over the world, so now its your time get creative make something that’s liked by everyone and add your website link as annotation or maybe in the description.
  6. Print T-Shirts and Caps - come-on now this pint surely tends you to spend some money but well obviously this will capture many eyes asking you about what is it and blah! blah! so you can easily get some freaky visitor who wanna check out what that website contain.

So come on these are the few idea’s that are sick, stupid and freaked one but maybe you have some more of them so do comment below so that I can update this post :)