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30 January 2013

How to Change Sleeping Dogs PC Game Language to English

sleeping-dogs-coverSleeping Dogs is an awesome action and adventure oriented game developed by United Front Games in partnership with Square Enix London, well the game goes into the gangsta life of HongKong, pretty much related to what you have experienced in GTA San Andreas but bit more cruel, so this game is full of blood and freaky action.

Well the main problem I faced after the I installed this game was the language was unknown to me, maybe it was Russian or something else. So it was really difficult for me to understand and get forward into gameplay, so I needed to find out a way to change the game language but it was really difficult for me to find as many people were having the same problem and none have answered the question on to their officially forums.

So now I ran into a deep search and came up with an option to change the language using the language changing .ddl files. But this even has some issues, as it just activates that language but does not install it fully, so if you own the game and it's a full version than the language is surely installed and you just need to activate it by replacing the .ddl file.

Replace .dll File & Change Language

So now to activate the English language you just need to download a simple .dll file and replace it in the game installation directory that it, that will activate the English language and you will easily go through the gameplay. So now just check out below steps.

  1. Download pandoraclient.dll file.
  2. Now just extract the downloaded .zip file to get that single .dll file.
  3. Now copy that pandoraclient.dll file & paste it in the games directory i.e C: –> Program Files –> Sleeping Dogs or where every you have installed it.
  4. Now it will popup the prompt to replace that file as it already exists, just hit Yes.
  5. Now restart your game and see the language changed.
  6. If your language is still not changed that you might be having that English language installed, so it would be better to download the full version again with English language pre installed.

So now if your language is changed, its time for some fun and adventure waiting for you in sleeping dogs, do comment if you find any problem. Do check the below video of the Sleeping Dogs PC gameplay, if you have still not ordered this game out.