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27 November 2013

Some Major Internet Error Codes and their Meanings


Internet is a place where everything is changing on minute basis, so something is available right now it might not be accessible after sometimes so that’s normal because it’s the nature how internet works. So normally you come across many online internet errors but few are the common and major ones I have listed below. These are caused on normal basis and if you do not have pretty much knowledge on what these are and what these error means than check out below errors.

  • # 400 - error is simply a bad request error, as you might be typing some unknown URL that server could not understand, so make sure that URL you are typing is write.
  • # 401 - If you try to access some unauthorized website than you might see this 401 error, so make sure you have entered correct username and password.
  • # 402 - error is specified for any kind of payment errors you receive, so if you attempting any transaction and you forgot to add payment information than you might face this error.
  • # 403 - error can cause if you are accessing any forbidden page s its somewhat similar to 401 error, so make sure you are not blocked by that website.
  • # 404 - is the most common and most recognized error, so its like most website have this error, so that website might be removed or re-named so make sure spellings are good.
  • # 408 - error is the timeout error, so if you are on some page where it requires you to add something in specified time and you do not do that than you might face this 408 error.

Well now there were the few errors you might face, and possibly you have some good knowledge on how you can bypass them and enjoy your internet browsing, well I will personally recommend if you are on blogger you can use the 404 redirection tweak for automatic error redirection to your homepage, and you can even check out how you can bypass 404 errors on Firefox.