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23 January 2013

Effective Tips for Saving Electricity and Cutting Bills Down

save-electricityWell electricity after its long back discovery is just fulfilling every needs of any individual. From morning to evening we are just entirely dependent on electricity and its products for getting our work done. Getting our phones and car charged and than our whole morning breakfast than a night study shift, everything works perfect due to electricity.

Now no one has that attitude to go sit and study in those street lights and saving out own electricity, everyone uses electricity to its limits and than when the time comes to pay the whole bill we are just trying to check if there was any fault in the meter, well obviously it can be sometimes but for the most part its you who is just exploding your personal electricity bill, well if you aware about this thing and you are seriously finding out some way to cut your bills down well few tips provided below will help you out.

  1. Changing Light Type – many people knew that changing your light types from incandescent bulbs to CFL (compact florescent light) can surely save a lot of energy but recent new technology called "Led Bulbs" are considered more efficient than CFL lightening. So by using Led Bulbs you can save upto 40-70% of your electricity bills. Now Led Bulbs even do not produce much heat so there lifespan is long and much more stable.
  2. Switch Off Lights & Products – if you love products you use, do respect them if you are not using any product then do switch them off, as if you are not you are just exhausting them and pretty much wasting your electricity and loosing much more money. So if you leave your room do switch off all the lights.
  3. Insulate Pipes & Heaters – in winters heaters are normally the biggest electricity consumers, so insulating heaters with blankets around it will surely save some of your electricity to heat up water. Well this same thing can be applied to pipes sending waters to all over the place, so there will be less energy loss and you will surely save a lot of electricity.
  4. Putting Lamps in the Corner – normally people have standing lamps installed in their rooms or lobby to get efficient light, well if you shift your standing lamp in the corner of that wall you can gain more light from the two walls reflection, so it will allow you to save more lamps consuming your electricity.
  5. Ironing Cloths all Together – well if you normally iron cloths in your own home (not giving them to dhobi) than make sure than you iron all cloths together to save electricity consumption at different times. So fix one time on which everyday you can iron your cloths.
  6. Boil Only Water you Need – when you are boiling water, make sure that the amount of water you use is only what you want else the rest left will be cooled down and you will need, to boil it again. So it will consume more electricity if you use Microwave.
  7. Avoid using Heavy Machinery – well heaters, tumble dryers normally are very beneficial for everyday uses, but still these are the electricity consuming monsters, so avoid using cloths dryers if you have good warming sun shinning outside your house.
  8. Shower Instead of Bath – so now if you think how this will save electricity, think this method will surely reduce the amount of water you consume, and that in return will let you pull less water with electric motor and than will save you electricity.
  9. Using Sensors on Outdoor Lightening – well security is must at might and people usually turn on their outdoor lighting for safety purpose, well that good but make sure you have sensorized your lights so that when the daylight is full your lights get automatically tuned off, hence saving electricity.
  10. Important Steps – well make sure that street lights are off when they are not in need, do contact your local authorities about that street light, this will add your contribution in saving electricity, and yes always do plant trees to reduce Global Warming.