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14 February 2013

Watch your Desktop Screen Inside VLC Media Player Trick


Now I have posted many tricks related to VLC Media Player like watching television on VLC Media Player and few other hidden tricks related to it but today I have found a simple but interesting trick for it with which you can display your desktop screen right inside VLC Media Player. Now its not a useful trick but its just to amaze your friends. So if you ever use your friends PC just do this trick and he will be amazed what the hell is going on.

So now its like a inbuilt feature of VLC Media Player, so you can easily follow below steps and get this tricks working.

  1. Open VLC Media Player.
  2. Now press Ctrl + N
  3. Now type Screen://
  4. Press on Play Button.
  5. Enjoy watching your screen displayed in it.
  6. So now you will see screen inside screen, you can press pause to stop that too.