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07 February 2013

Format Write Protected USB Drives & Remove Autorun.inf

musbfixerSometimes you might face some USB Drives that are write protected to stop theft of some confidential data, or maybe due to some virus attack this could be done well I have already posted on how you can remove write protection from your USB Drive easily but still if you face problem using those methods then I have a simple application that claims to do that work easily in combination to more productive things.

mUSBfixer is a small utility that can format your write protected USB Drive easily, it can even remove autorun.in and other virus created shortcuts from your drive easily. Now you do not need to install it out as it is provided as a portable edition. So it even remove all those shortcut files that are created by the virus attacks, so original icons are restored automatically.

How to use mUSBfixer Tool

  1. Download mUSBfixer Tool from their official website.
  2. Now run this tool and it will detect your USB Drive if you have attached only one drive, but if you have many drives attached just pick up the one you want to format.
  3. Now just choose the option you want execute. If you want to format it just click on that Format Write Protected Drive.
  4. That's it will format your drive automatically.

So that's it now you can easily get rid of those virus created shortcuts and even those bad autorun.inf files. So now format your write protect USB Drive easily.