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17 August 2014

Make your Gadgets Full Waterproof with Liquipel Coating

Water disasters are normal for any one working on there daily basis and when it comes to gadgets being used, they are the best victims of these water blasters, so normally you loose your phone when it contacts with water and hence you can go for a hardware change or sometimes a new phone is only the option left, but now a southern California based company called "Liquipel" has come up with a coating idea that will revolutionize the ay we use our gadgets. So now no more fear of water damages as this really thing coating is going to protect us from all those problems.

What is Liquipel ?

Basically its just a water insurance for your gadgets for lifetime validity, so researchers at Liquipel says that this thin that human hair coating can simply protect their gadgets from any kind of water damage, in fact with this coat on you can easily use your device under running water, so if you are enjoying some camping now you can take your device with you and start clicking images as no water damage would occur ever.


Now this coating is currently available in US only for $59.00 for one time coating, so they will surely expand their services to other nations but after years of customer satisfaction. So lets hope this will become a life saver for any outdoor enthusiast with more water creativity.