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08 March 2013

Now Get Free Consultation from AdSense Team via Email

AdSense has always been the best way to monetize my website, normally I did not have any problem using AdSense but earlier when my account was banned and my website was blacklisted due to some copyright problems I was really tense and I contacted them via email but I was replied after a long time of like 1 month, but by GOD's grace my account was back and my website got white listed again.

Well normally if your accounts get disabled or your website is blacklisted you can use the appeal form and ask them re-instate your account, if you have taken proper measures. So now if you think you account was banned due to some invalid reason, clicks or something you have another easier option to contact them and get consultation via email.

Free Email Consultation !

Basically it's a premium kind of service you can say and if your AdSense account normally makes about $25 per week then you are going to be treated as a special publisher and you will be getting faster email replies solving your problem.


Well there Contact Option's Page contains troubleshooting points that will be much easier for you to get rid of your problem, but still you are done with it then the last option come with that email support, so after you visit on Contact's Option Page you will see a notification stating that the Gmail account you are signed in with is eligible for email support, as it will track down if you are earning like Google amount per week or not.

Contacting through Email !

So now you can choose that Contact Form mentioned in Email Support category, so that will option up a form that you need to fill with your Name, Email, Publisher ID, your issue, you can choose category in which your problem fall's in.

You can also attach a screenshot that will clarify what problem you really have and last thing is briefing your problem by typing what you have, make sure to add your website link. Now just hit Submit option and you will be receiving a reply from AdSense team within 2 business days. So now its much more easier to contact and get problem's solved.